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This assessment item relates to the course learning outcomes numbers 1 to 5 as stated on page 1.
Assessment task
Note: This is a challenging assignment! It provides you with the opportunity to undertake a
significant piece of work to show what you have learnt in your degree. It is strongly recommended
that you commence work on this assignment in Week 1, even though it is not due until Week 9. This
assessment requires extensive background reading, planning, and development which cannot be
completed in a short time frame.
On your first day at work in a new job as an international marketing manager, your boss, asks you to
prepare a report. Your company has been expanding rapidly but has now saturated in the domestic market
with its pet care products. The pet care market consists of the sales of cat care, dog care, other pet care and
pet healthcare products. Choose China, Japan, or India market in which you would like to market the
product internationally.
· If you are studying outside Australia, you may do your assignment on the basis of marketing
internationally from the country where you are studying to a country as given above.
· In your report, include a detailed national profile (macro environment) as well as a comprehensive
market assessment. You also need to assess various entry modes available to your company and
select the best entry mode based on your market research.
· Make a recommendation with justifications. Your market analysis must be thorough and
comprehensive. The final draft of the report is to be presented in a professional business format,
which provides everything that your boss (a senior manager) would require in order to assess which
entry strategy is most suitable for the company. You do not have to consider financial details other
than demonstrating a realistic financial approach in line with the recommendation.
· This is a business report of country analysis and foreign market entry mode choice, not a marketing
plan or a literature review.
Course Profile for: MRKT19037, 2011 Term Three – Page 6
Assessment criteria
Country and market information gathering: 15 Marks
Identify and present relevant information for the product, the country chosen and the relevant market. I
strongly suggest that most of these facts be tabulated for appropriate presentation. Then you should discuss
and emphasise the most important facts that might be useful and emphasise their relevance. You should
include such factors as legal, cultural, competitive, and financial considerations, plus other issues you deem
appropriate based on acceptable theoretical treatment. Remember to describe all figures and tables
appropriately in order to emphasise the most important details. Ensure adequate referencing of secondary
sources to indicate exactly from where you obtained this information. It is suggested that much of this
information be presented in a set of appendices, which are appropriately mentioned in the body of your
Analysis of facts gathered: 15 Marks
Following on from facts gathered, analyse the information to provide an assessment of the advantages and
disadvantages of the product or product portfolio being marketed in that particular overseas country market.
You should include such considerations as the marketing mix elements for the product(s), segmentation,
targeting and positioning strategies, the validity of the information and/or its source, plus other factors such as legal, social, economical, political, and technological details, as appropriate.
Assessment and selection of entry strategies: 15 Marks
You need to assess the suitability of various entry modes discussed in your text-book. The key to such a
report is the recommendation about the market entry mode choice to senior management. Include a clear
recommendation to management plus justifications of the recommendation supported by your country and
market analysis.
Presentation: 5 Marks
The report structure should include: an executive summary, table of contents, main body (section headings
covering relevant contents such as facts, analyses, and recommendation), and appendices (if appropriate).

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