International Mergers and Acquisitions Essay

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You work for a company in (Choose Country). Your CEO has informed you that your company is seeking to acquire a company in (Choose Country) and that a team of negotiatore from that company will be arriving in two weeks for discussions about the proposed acquisition. Your CEO has heard about the high failure rates of international mergers and acquisitions and how cultural misunderstandings are often a significant factor in this. He therefore wants you to prepare a report to cover some of the key cultural issues that might arise and he also needs some specific advice for our managers who will be dealing with the negotiators in two weeks. You are therefore requested to produce a BUSINESS REPORT of 2500 – 3000 words (excluding appendices and executive summary) which should include the following:
(a) You are requested to carry out some cultural profiling between the two countries using a range of academic models which should highlight any significant differences that are likely to occur in terms of management behaviour. Which factors should our managers be most aware of ? (50%)
(b) Drawing on the information gathered from your cultural profiling and other sources, critically evaluate the key communication and negotiation differences that we should be aware of when dealing with the negotiators when they arrive. What specific advice would you give to our managers about this ? (50%)

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