International project management association Academic Essay

Paper details1st: I am in Austria and therefore we use the IPMA (International project management association). PMA (ProjectManagement Austria) is a member association of IPMA.=) so it has to be used (see sources above).2nd: of course you will have to design graphics e.g. for draft for project organization, Cost and effort estimation accordingfunction point method, risk evaluation, Example sprint planning to explain SCRUM to client, perhaps for Thoughts andstrategies for stakeholder management too. So please create graphics where needed.3rd Instruction,see the uploaded pdf (case study) =)Some additional informations for you, after I have asked the teacher_Client= Promotion Agency with promotion personnelTimeDuckreally exists on the internet ( Ilogged once time into their demo to see the online software (veryeasy). It is a time tracking tool.Accordingother functionalities, which the client wants to get: =) changing the user interface =) rather not, therefore itshould be a non goal (otherwise it has to be argued in the Project Handbook)PMis an employee (TimeDuck), he has to create a project handbook (see pdf TimeDuck)for the clientRiskanalysis: we can choose, which one we want to use (I do not know, which own risk analysis does Scrum have?? I onlyheard once time about Object B = risk analysis this week)SCRUMrules collection in the project (rules and standards): e.g. so how is the release / approval of individual features,user stories, and so on..Draftproject culture proposal: e.g. once a week the client comes to TimeDuck and all together look at all (progress,?)Draftcommunication plan: has to be done based on a table??Communication with the customer, e.g. by email, who is in CC:, fax, phone =) so how does TimeDuck communicate with thecustomer (no developer should communicate with the customer of course in Scrum) PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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