International Trade and Immigration Academic Essay

Most developed economies have some illegal immigrants. The U.S. has the largest number with 12 million. Without legal U.S. identification (ID) documents, immigrants cannot open bank accounts or buy houses. Many U.S. firms have targeted this population, accepting the ID issued by their native countries (or counterfeit ID) and selling them products and services. Some Americans are furious with these business practices. Additionally, illegal immigrants cost the U.S. government billions of dollars each year in free services such as education, food stamps, low-cost or free medical care, welfare, and so forth. Also, using fake ID, many illegal immigrants take jobs when unemployment is around 10 % in the U.S., making it more difficult for some unemployed citizens to obtain jobs. Some other nations are beginning to tighten restrictions on illegal immigrants entering their countries due to increasing costs. Other Americans suggest that illegal immigrants represent a growth engine in an economy with relatively little growth elsewhere. How would you participate in this debate?

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