Internet Journey Through Occupational Therapy Custom Essay

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What Type of information was available about the Occupational Therapsit Proffession? What was of speific interest to you concerning the Occupational Therapy profession? What specific interest were you not aware of, about the profession? What came up when you typed Occupational Therapy in the search engine? Were you suprised and was it helpful/ Pay close attention to the club AOTA and state what sorts of information is available through AOTA, and becoming a member. How Might an Occupational therapist use the internet to gather information, in regards to treatment approaches they can use on their clients? important a little about the past and future of Occupational Therapy Growing profession, very rewarding. What type of information can you learn about occupational therapy on U TUBE? Is the internet helpful for you did it answer questions you may have such as is a good career? Job opportunities? Statistics? Earnings? What do traveling Occupational therapists do? Do they work nin one setting? In what ways does occupational therapy change peoples lives

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