interplay between religion and science in the media Essay

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The interplay between religion and science in the media is examined in the light of theorists that have treated the subject of science and religion in depth and communications theory is looked at to assess why it is that it focuses on certain aspects of this relationship. 10 articles are examined from a wide range of media producers spanning the mainstream media to the more user generated media of blogs. Analysis – including foucauldian discourse analysis and content analysis of the dataset supports the thesis that media generally focuses on the conflict model of science and religion and their associated themes and authors, whilst leaving aside more integrative, dialogical and co-existing/complementary models and modes of viewing the subject and thus simplify the issues and exacerbate a partial and unhelpful view of the relationship. The difference of discourse between new media and traditional media is also analysed to assess the quality of media produced on the subject. Hypothesis: Media focuses on the conflict aspects of the interchange between science and religion.

• Work on the literature review and discussion:

o Write 2 pages under the sub heading of ‘Media and why it focuses on the conflict model of Science and Religion’
• Draw on whatever scholars touch on this subject directly
• And theories and scholarly works that say why media focuses on conflict in general.
o Draw on Ian G. Barbours (Book: Religion and Science. Historical and Contemporary issues) four models of Conflict, Independence, Dialogue and Integration.
• Edit the conflict paragraphs
• Write the independence, dialogue and integration sections; half a page each.
o Edit and proof read the integral section.
o Restate the hypothesis in integral and Barbourian sense. A concluding half page paragraph that ties the chapter together highlighting the aspects that shed light on the hypothesis and research question.

• Work on the research and discussion chapter.
o General editing and rewrite.
o Condense the italicized large section of text at the end into a page and link it to the deeper dynamics of institutional power structures that are at work in the science and religion debate and how discourse analysis will uncover the deep epistemological assumptions that are at play.
o A clear justification why the methods will help affirm or falsify the hypothesis and explore the deeper questions of why and the insights brought out through the analysis.

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