Interview Emergency Management Professional Essay

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The theme for this assignment will be “the contention that the role of the emergency manager in the new millennium is to ensure that risk will be effectively managed and that public health and safety will be enhanced rather than weakened by the coming [technological] changes.” In addition, “the contention that political skills are more important than technical skills if emergency management is to be integrated into the fabric of society and emergency managers are to be effective advisors for elected officials and the public at large and as administrators of their programs.”

For this assignment, you should consider, and critically analyze, the above described future technological and human dimension aspects of emergency management by interviewing at least one emergency management professional from one (1) of the following organizations:

1. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
2. A state emergency management office, such as the The Florida Division of Emergency Management, etc.
3. The local County Office of Emergency Management.
4. An emergency planner/manager for a private organization.
5. An elected public official.
6. Various military organizations, including the National Guard.
7. A volunteer organization active in disaster relief relief efforts, such as the American Red Cross, etc.
8. An international organization active in humanitarian or disaster relief efforts, such as the World Health Organization, etc.

This Individual Project will culminate in the submission of a term paper (3 pages, prepared in APA style with appropriate references)

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