Interview Project Essay; The purpose of this project is to help you learn more about an area of the fashion industry that you already find interesting custom essay

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The purpose of this project is to help you learn more about an area of the fashion industry that you already find interesting. By talking to someone in your area of interest you have the opportunity to discover things that a book might not tell you.

Select an area of interest or job type that interests you.

Seek contacts in this job type, get phone numbers, email addresses.

This assignment should be conducted in person if possible. Set up an interview. A face-to-face interview can be your start of networking in the industry and allows you to make an impression on the interviewee.

Be respectful of the interviewee?s time and clear about your goals for the interview. Let them know that you would appreciate 15 ? 20 minutes of their time.

If you wish to record the session, be sure to ask their permission. That way you can focus on the interview and not concentrate on note-taking.

Be prepared with sample questions, which you have written down before the interview, to keep you on track and to get the information that you need.

Maintain control of the interview, watch your time, and bring it to a close appropriately. (E.g., a proper handshake should open and close the interview.)

Be sure to thank them for their valuable time. A follow-up thank you note would also be a good idea.

Your actual written presentation should be in done in Microsoft Word format. Do not include each question asked, but compile the information into an informative essay.

Your introductory paragraph should include information about yourself, where you see your goals at this time, and why you chose this person to interview.

The body of the essay should include information that you gleaned from the interview, particularly with regard to the particular job type.

Your conclusion should include your opinion of this job type, especially now that you have this information. Did the interview change your opinion about this job or reinforce your ideas about this field.

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