Introduction to chemistry Academic Essay

I will upload the work i did, the questions&information file(pw: JktPz2PaXd) and grade descriptor fordistinction. Please help me to get Distinction, I finished these question, however my tutor gave mesome feedback, please edit and add more details in my work according to my tutors comments andgrade descriptor for distinction. ( Please add extra about 825 words to make my coursework to about1500 words) For the references, please use at least 10 reference please.The following are my tutors comment.1.1 Discuss ionisation energies in terms of electronic structures.You have not provided a response to the first part of this question. Firstly, (for part 1) you need tostate the full electron configuration for each of the elements in Table 1. Secondly, you have notexplained the reason for the differences in energy required to remove an electron from each elementappropriately. You need to account for the decreases in ionisation energy for some of the elementswith reference to the number of electrons in their outer sub?energy level. For Titanium, you havegiven the electron configuration and have clearly described why it takes more energy to successivelyremove an electron the closer the electron is to the nucleus. However, you have not addressed whereand why there are jumps in the successive ionisation energy values. Reference should be given to theconcept of lone and paired electrons, as well as the shielding effect of lower sublevel electrons atcertain points.2.1 Define the mole, and use this concept to carry out simple calculations involving mass and theconcentration of solutions.The mole has not been defined to an acceptable standard. You will need to clearer reference toAvagadros constant (and carbon 12) as part of the account. You have correctly determined molarcalculations for questions a) i, and a) ii, but your calculation for b) i and b) ii are incorrect and needto be readdressed. You also need to show the working out for each value stated.4.1. Relate the properties of a material to its structure.You have provided an unsatisfactory overall response to the demands of the assessment criteria here.Your explanations for sodium and potassium chloride are weak, lacking in the detail required to meetthe demands of the TAQ. For sodium specifically you need to explain how its structure and metallicbonding promotes softness and malleability (with reference to its typical sea of delocalised electrons)and account more clearly for the low melting / boiling point. You also need to address the specificproperties that gives sodium electrical conductivity. With regard to potassium chloride you have notaddressed its solubility or explained what happens to the electrons when it is melted or dissolved inorder to give it electrical conductivity. There is also no reference to the properties that give thissubstance a high melting point. Your description for the properties of diamond lacks detail, you needto provided clear reference to it being a giant lattice structure with the ability of carbon to makestrong covalent bonds with four other atoms. Finally, your explanation for the low melting andboiling point of Methane correctly refers to its weak intermolecular forces but you could have beenmore specific by referring to these as Van Der Waals forces.5.1. Explain data about simple molecular compounds in terms of intermolecular forces.You have not accounted for the low melting point for any of the molecules specifically. Why doespropane have the lowest value of the three, and why is the melting point of ethanol higher than thatof chloromethane? In each case, reference needs to be given to named intermolecular bondingcharacteristics.6.1. Predict shapes of simple molecules.You need to include bond angles for each simple molecule that you have sketchedthe file password is : JktPz2PaXd PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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