Introduction to Literature Custom Essay

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Give an example of one literary work from this week’s reading assignment that captured your interest. Explain why/how the writing engaged you. Consider if, while reading or reflecting on this work, you applied any of the analytical approaches discussed in Chapter 16 (i.e., reader response, formalism, biographic/historical analysis, mythical approach). Return to the literary work for a closer reading and analysis of it. Consider how one or more of the analytical methods described in Chapter 16 might enhance a reading of the work. Develop an argument about how one or more of these critical approaches is useful for finding meaning in the work you have chosen. For example, perhaps a historical reading of Kate Chopin’s “The Story of an Hour” helps to understand some aspect of the work, such as the language used or the main character’s unusual response. Organize the paper around a thesis statement (argument) about the literary work and the interpretive approach(es) you applied to your reading. While explaining your analytical process, include textual details (textual evidence) to support your interpretation(s). Also, make clear how the analytical approach you are applying plays a role in your interpretive process. This paper must be two to four double-spaced pages in length. All sources must be properly cited, and the paper must be formatted according the APA (6th edition) style. If you would like to refer to APA samples and tutorials

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