Introduction to Visual Cultures and Narrative Form

? Include a bibliography which lists all materials consulted or quoted from, which must be laid out and formatted in the proper way.? Be presented in a coherent and well structured way. Your writing must be clear and grammatically correct. Your essay should include an introduction, a development of ideas through several paragraphs, and a conclusion.? Present all secondary materials in the appropriate way. That is:? direct quotes must either be indented or marked with inverted commas and referenced in the proper way; and? paraphrased material must be clearly written in your own words and must be referenced in the proper way.? It is important that you support what you want to say in your essay with explanations of your understanding of the theories and ideas that we?ve covered on the module, and that you choose and analyse in detail your own examples?Referencing Requirements:Said, E. (1985) Orientalism: Western Concepts of the Orient, Harmondsworth: PenguinHall, S. (1992) ?The West and the Rest: Discourse and Power?, in Hall, S. andGieben, B. (Eds) Formations of Modernity, Cambridge: Polity Press inassociation with Basil Blackwell and Open University PressHall, S. (1997) ?The Spectacle of the Other? in Hall, S. Representation: CulturalRepresentations and Signifying Practices??.

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