Investment and Fund Management custom essay

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1- A portfolio is needed to be done as i will attach an example of how the portfolio i want to be done, and kindly do it in Microsoft word not excel.
2- the mount need to be invested in different areas, 2 bank account, 15 shares from different companies in different aspect, 2 bonds, properties, gold, overseas ( any of the mentioned can be in overseas).
3- the mount need to be used wisely.
4- a loan of 10 million need to be repaid annually to the bank in a 10 or 15 years with a 2% interest above uk base bank rate with is 0.5% ( so the interest will be 2.5%
5- the inflation rate need to be deducted from the total income.
6- the total income in the portfolio need to be divided to 12,500 pound in order to get how many employees can be employed.
7- investment in tobacco and alcohol cant be done in respect to the charity and ethical aspects.
8- in the attachment shown in all parts what kind of information need to be included to answer the four parts.
9- some of the answers require a reference which will be paraphrased and some do not require as you need to answer them by your own investment information and experience.

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