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1. Draft a policy document which sets out a suitable statement of aims for your company. You should explain those investments you should or should not make and why. (20 marks)

2. Choose ten UK quoted shares which fit within your stated policy document. You should list these shares and explain the reasons for their inclusion in your portfolio. Use a technical analysis of the companies and determine why now might be a good time to buy your shares (60 marks)

3. Having decided on your portfolio; check the price of the shares as at the end of May 2010 and at the end of May 2011. Comment on the overall movement of the share prices. How does the movement compare with the overall FTSE 100 Index? NB A spreadsheet may be the best way to deal with this part of the assignment. (20 marks)

General instructions for the completion of assignments. Please note the following points.
1. The assignment must be word processed with an appropriate front sheet.

2. Include a contents page and page numbering. Poor presentation will be penalised.

3. Each assignment must be handed in to the School Assessment Office and also submitted electronically to the TURNITIN System.

4. Work must be your own and all sources must be referenced in accordance with the Harvard referencing guide that can be obtained from the library website. Given the practical nature of this assignment we expect references to annual report & accounts, and analysts reports but not great numbers of references to academic articles.

5. Marks will be awarded on the basis of the guidelines which accompany the full text of this assignment on the NILE site for this module.

To achieve 70%
1. Arguments show breadth and depth of analysis and understanding.
2. A high level of ability is shown in evaluating possible alternatives and arguments.
4. Illustrations, where given, are clear and accurate.
5. Recommendations are communicated clearly and are fully supported by explanations.
6. Several relevant sources are consulted.
7. Efficient use is made of Microsoft Excel and Word.

8. Correct format, front sheet and assignment submission procedure has been followed.
9. Presentation is of a high standard.
10. Referencing complies with the Harvard referencing guide.

To achieve 50%
1. A logical approach is demonstrated in attempting the project.
2. Arguments are discussed, but without a proper understanding of the theory being explained to the reader.
3. Recommendations follow logically from the different alternatives, but are not communicated with a high degree of clarity.
4. A small number of referencing errors are made, but all sources are acknowledged in an attempt at following the prescribed format.

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