Invistigating qualitative”Literature based research” methodology custom essay

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Issues which should be addressed when considering the above methods

1. Where does the method fit into the research paradigm level?
2. How could the participants be entered into the research, remembering the type of method and paradigm? (e.g. purposive sampling for a set of interviews).
3. How could the method actually be carried out? (discuss the practicalities)
4. How could the data gathered be analysed? (this needs to fit in with both the paradigm level and the methodology level and needs to avoid contradictions ?e.g. arguing for a grounded theory methodology, but then imposing a template design on data analysis is very contradictory. As is arguing for an ethnographic methodology and then stating you want to generalise the results of data analysis).
5. How reliability and validity issues could be treated and what appropriate names or titles could be given to these issues?
6. How could ethical issues be handled?
please to consider the qualitaive based researches or mixed researches method, attached some references you may use.

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