IQ Protocol for Lancer Glass Washer Academic Essay

Read the IQ Protocol for Lancer Glass Washer.4. Take the weekly quiz.5. Topic for the class discussion for this week (answer both questions):You are hired to execute the attached IQ protocol for Lancer Glass Washer, which is essentially a dishwasher similar to theone you may have in your kitchen, only larger. Note that execute means to do the checks and tests specified in thatprotocol and record the results. In other words, somebody already wrote and approved that protocol, so dont include thosesteps its not your job.Question 1. Estimate how much time you need to do that, and give a brief explanation how you plan to spend that time.Dont worry too much about accuracy of that time estimate I just want you to think about what kind of activities youll haveto do.Question 2. Describe briefly what you will prove by executing this protocol. In your opinion, are all those tests and checksnecessary to ensure that the glass washer will work satisfactory and in accordance to cGMP or the authors went too far insome cases and created too much work for you? Give specific examples of what you would delete or modify, if anything.You may also suggest some tests to add if you feel they missed something important.Try to summarize the information for us in your own words in easytounderstandway, avoid just copying of what you read.Your written message should typically be about one page PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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