Is the rise of unemployment in the United States caused by NAFTA? custom essay

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I. Title: should tell the reader what the paper is about and be interesting enough to make the audience want to read it. The title should be one line, two at most.

II. Abstract: The first page (after the title page) must have an abstract of no more than 250 words that summarizes your project and findings. The abstract page must contain your name and the title of your paper.

III. Introduction: Summarize your paper, providing the reader with a roadmap. Do not hide your conclusions. Rather, state what your question is, why it’s important, the general strategy you used to answer your question, what you found, and what the implications of your findings are. You may also want to include something about how you came to the study, what interested you in it, and what you hoped to learn. It is a good idea to preview the organization of the paper from readers. Usually 2?3 pages.

IV. Literature review: Summarize past research on the topic. Sometimes this will be research on precisely topic you’re writing on. Other times it will be research on a related topic. The point is to place the current research into the context of past research and the larger set of questions that research in this field has been pursuing. Be sure to point to the general agreements and disagreements among previous researchers. Your literature review should lay the groundwork for your own study, showing why your research may have value in the larger scheme of things. Usually 5 pages.

V. Methodology: An explanation of why you collected certain data, what data you collected, from where you collected it, when you collected it, how you collected it and how you analyzed. .

VI. Results: A presentation of your research results.

VII. Analysis and Discussion: An analysis of your results showing the contribution to knowledge and pointing out any weaknesses/limitations.

VIII. Conclusion: Summarize what you have learned and what has been left unknown. Recall the purposes articulated in the introduction and in the review of literature. Describe how it all turned out. Usually 1-2 pages.

IX. Reference/Bibliography: A detailed alphabetical list of the sources from which information has been obtained and which have been cited in the text.

X. Appendices: Detailed data referred to but not shown elsewhere.

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