Islamic Banking and Finance custom essay

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The research should seek to provide an overview of the evolution of the Islamic Finance Industry both a global and more importantly Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In particular, the research should identify a number of weaknesses/flaws/concerns with the current Islamic Banking and finance industry and most importantly it should present a range of possible solutions to help address these issues which will enable the continued growth and development of the Islamic Banking and Finance Industry.

The Paper should demonstrate the following:
– The fundamental principles that Islamic Banking and Finance based upon.
– The evolution of Islamic Finance and Banking over the last four decades with discussion of key developments / events in the field.
– The different structures used in Islamic Banking and Finance.
– An overview of areas of weaknesses/ controversy within the field of islamic banking and finance
– Suggested solutions to address theses issues.

A key objective of this assignment is for you to demonstrate your ability to undertake an extensive review of the literature in the field of Islamic Banking and Finance. A measurement of this will be your bibliography which must contain a minimum of 20 different references, at least 10 of them must be from 2012.

**Attached is reference that our instructor has been sending to us throughout the term, I would appreciate if you include it within the research paper.

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