Joan Didion Custom Essay

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The goal of the assignment is to identify how Didion uses description to construct a definition. All students need to use Didion’s “Grief” which is located in Norton’s Textbook. Also need to locate a second Didion text Georgia O’Keeffe to use and then select secondary sources that help them make an arguement about her use of description. The essay is both literary analysis and compare/contrast. In a four page essay, i need to compare Joan Didion’s use of description to define the larger abstract idea of grief, to any other primary Didion text and the larger idea that it defines through strategically described evocative images. The essay should showcase a clear thesis regarding the significance of Didion’s use of description to define larger issues, draw heavily from primary texts for evidence, utilize at least 4 secondary sources for support including Muggli’s article which is “The Poetics of Joan Didion’s Journalsim,” scholar Mark Z. Muggli.The essay will be another formal voice,academic essay. The writing strategies covered for this unit are description(and narrative) and definition-both description and definition are types of argument.

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