Knowledge vs. value! Remember policy or policy potential(s) Essay

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Choose your side but…be sure to validate with information NOT just opinion. Knowledge vs. value! Remember policy or policy potential(s). Controversial Issue # 1: Same sex adoptive couples. An emotionally disturbed boy ,age eight is to be released from a Connecticut children’s psychiatric hospital and placed in a therapeutic group home. The boy is barely able to be discharged from the hospital in order to go to the less restrictive environment of the group home. Behavior issues continue thus placing this child on the “border” of being ready for discharge or not? The program director of the group home has been made aware and has met this prospective adoptive couple . Side One, Against the same sex adoptive couple. This boy is barely able to function in an acute psychiatric hospital, so, what happens once he is placed with this couple ? For example, how about when this couple shows up at his school on Parent- Teacher night? Are there issues of cruelty or undefined stressors apparent? How will social expectations be identified for this child? (i.e. playmates/parental interactions) Some same sex couples claim that they have a different culture from heterosexuals and that society needs to understand that. However, isn’t culture defined as sharing things such as language, dress, food, recreation, etc… ? So under the definition of culture, are same sex couples different? With 2% of the population claiming to be homosexual, by placing this boy in a same sex adoptive home, are the external influences problematic? Side Two, For the same sex adoptive couple. The human service field is always looking to have children live in the least restrictive environment. A home would be the least restrictive environment. Shouldn’t we all feel happy and lucky that there is a couple out there that would like to adopt an eight-year-old emotionally disturbed boy? It is unfortunate but true that few older children are adopted, especially those with serious disabilities. This couple knows how seriously disturbed this boy is and they still want to adopt him. What will society make of this? Is society is ready for this? It is true, that the world is not perfect, but one of the ways the world becomes perfect is through trial, error, and acceptance. So, if society is the problem here, let us change it slowly and it will change for the better eventually! The idea of same sex couples, does not negate feelings of love and parental instincts. Most same sex couples insist that they did not just fall into their sexual orientation because of psycho-social problems, but rather their identity. So why should they be penalized for it? And should their punishment be that they are not allowed to form a family with children? Required text: Chambers, D. E. & Wedel, K. R. (2004). Social policy and social programs. Boston, MA: Allyn and Bacon. , a weekly …

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