Kuala Lampur assignment Academic Essay

Kuala Lampur assignment Research some (il)legal, potentially culturally and sensitive ethical issues and the darker side of consumer behavior for Kuala Lampur Malaysia. For each of the following 7 items, is this item legal or illegal in the city/country? If illegal, are there general penalties by the government that enforces the illegal activity? If legal, are there any restrictions? Reference the individual online source for each item at the end. All sources must be online and for each of the following 7 items, answering the questions above in 1 paragraph? This is not an essay but rather a quick research about each item to specifically address the questions towards Kuala Lampur Malasia 1. Lottery 2. Casinos (slots and/or table games) 3. Live poker (e.g., texas hold em) 4. Online poker 5. Sports betting 6. Internet piracy 7. Gun ownership PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET A GOOD DISCOUNT

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