Lab Report; Lung – Histopathology custom essay

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Histopathology, Mystery tissue report

4 to 5A4 pages (1350-1550 words) diagrams and/ or photomicrographs inclusive.These donot include the title page or reference list.
Should include the following:

1- You should first identify your mystery slide, then choose 3 histological stains (Dyes) that lead to the identification of your slide.

Student replay:
I have identified my mystery tissue which is LUNG
I have chosen 3 histological stains which are
1-Haematoxyline & eosin (H & E)
2-Masson’s Trichrome (MT)
3-Gordon & sweets (G & S)

So, my essay will be about the morphological features of LUNG by the use of those previous mentioned stains.

Also I have chosen 3 FIGURES that need to be labeled

A-FIGURE 1 Lung general morphology (By the use of Haematoxyline& eosin (H & E))
B- FIGURE 2 Bronchi Specific morphology (By the use of Masson’s Trichrome (MT))
C- FIGURE 3 Bronchiole Specific morphology (By the use of Gordon & sweets (G & S))

Writing essay:

a.Presents the tissue under examination and details the protocol for identification
i.Brief introduction to the tissue, location, function and should include RELEVANT histological features that enabled identification and were essential in deciding staining protocol
ii.Brief comment on stains used and histological features
highlighted by each stains.
iii.Relate to any previous published work in the area where the
stains used in the present study enabled identification of histological features of the tissue in the present study.
b.Integration of tissue identification and staining protocol so that it ‘leads’ into the results section.
a.Should include enough information in sufficient detail to justify your conclusion,the tissue identity.
i. Well-annotated photomicrographs/figures.
ii.NOTE: These should each be given a Figure number e.g.
Figure 1 include a title and MUST be referred to in the accompanying text.
iii.All diagrams and images correctly labelled,including
iv.PLEASE NOTE: The correct labelling/annotations of the figures have the majority of the markallocation.
b.Results DOES NOT include any discussion, merely statements of fact.

a.Should open with a clear statement of support or non-support for your staining protocol and how it enabled identification of your particular tissue.
b.Discuss any significant visible (to you) histological features that enabled the tissue to be identified.
c.Explain how the theoretical rationale behind your staining protocol enabled tissue identification
i.Should include the main histological features that each particular stain identified.
ii.Supporting evidence should be from the published
literature.There are several histology/ histochemical journals available for this information.
iii.If the theoretical rationaledidnot always aid in tissue
identification then this is an opportunity to comment on how you would do it differently providing you support your claims with evidence from current literature.
d.Emphasize any theoretical or practical consequences of results
i.Can comment here on any problems with sectioning and/or staining giving considered reasons for the problems and how you would solve them next time.This must be supported by theliterature(i.e. references)
e.Qualify and draw inferences and conclusions.

Note : I will try to attach document resemble to what I need
Also, I will attach figures that I need in my report

a.Referencing Chicago or APA version
b.In text citations and final reference list must be complete, accurate and useful to readers.
c.Reference list must start on new page and have a heading.

When the project is assessed, particular attention will be paid to the following:
1.Knowledge of subject.
2.Correct identification of tissue
3.Presentation of report
a.Written expression
b.Appropriate headings
c.Consistency of grammar, correct spelling and overall presentation.
d.Logical development of arguments supported by evidence as to the tissue identity.
e.The report(without reference list)must be submitted to Turnitin for plagiarism monitoring.
4.Excellence of technique in sectioning& staining of slides.
5.Correct referencing.

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