lab report

experiment. Briefly explain the physics theory/concept that was tested. State only the key/final results(with uncertainty and units) quantitatively with numerical values; does not provide intermediatequantities.Briefly explain the procedure that was used to collect the experimental data. Describedifficulties and shortcomings that were encountered during the experiment and it caused theuncertainties in the final results. Discuss statistical errors that affect your measurements, butwhich you cant do anything about given the time and equipment constraints of this laboratory.Suggest experimental redesigns to eliminate and overcome these troubles. Include a descriptionof sources of systematic errors in your measurement that bias your result (e.g. friction inpulleys that are assumed frictionless in the formula). Describe the qualitative effect of each sourceof error (e.g. friction slowed motion, causing a smaller value of acceleration to be measured).Describe only the prominent sources of error in the experiment.Address questions such as: Are the deviations in the experimental results due touncertainty in the experimental method, or are they due to idealizations inherent in the theory (orboth)? If the deviations are due to experimental uncertainties, can you think of ways to decreasethe amount of uncertainty? Discuss how the apparatus could be redesigned to reduce uncertaintiesor to streamline experimental technique. If the deviations are due to idealizations in the theory,what factors has the theory neglected to consider?All questions from the Lab Manual should be also answered in the discussion section. Theconclusion made if the objective of the experiment achieved.

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