“Lack of legal capacity is a legitimate means to avoid accountability under an otherwise binding contract. DISCUSS custom essay

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Assessment Task,the easy must be include all the follwing. Interpretation of task and introduction to assignment. Understanding of topic.Logical development. Structure. Research skills.Use of authorities. Level of analysis ,Knowledge and understanding of the relevant legal, principles surrounding the law of contract ,Insight & originality. Correct footnoting & bibliography. Conclusion.Legal literacy,Knowledge and understanding of the relevant legal principles surrounding the law of contract Development of skills necessary to apply appropriate legal principles,supported by authorities to problems and fact patterns that are likely to be encountered in the commercial world.Demonstrated academic proficiency in research, analysis and presentation of the assessment task.Critical, Analytical and Integrative thinking.Problem Solving and Research Capability.Creative and Innovative.Capable of Professional and Personal Judgement and Initiative. CHECK LIST:
– The word limit will be strictly enforced.
– Essays are to be typed,
– Double spaced,
– In Times
– On A4 paper – With a 40mm left hand margin, 20mm right hand margin,
– Numbered pages and
– Alignment is to be ‘Justify’.
– Referencing should employ footnotes, not endnotes,
– Bibliography divided into appropriate headings; Texts, Journal Articles, Cases, Legislation, Websites etc. ?? For guidance with referencing please approach the course convenor for advice.
– ONLY the Australian Guide to Legal Citation 3rd Edition is to be used for referencing. “The Australian Guide to Legal Citation”, is available on the internet and must be used for referencing. No other school of referencing is permitted THNKS

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