Law Academic Essay

Law 1.In a criminal case, the caption (name of the case) is v. 2.In a civil case, the person who sues is called the 3.the person who is sued is called the 4.In a civil case, the answer to Q. 2 goes to court to seek 5.(T/F). In a civil case, if all parties agree, you can have the case heard by a judge or by a jury. 6.What is the standard of proof in a civil case? 7.What is the standard of proof in a criminal case? 8.Recall the recent case where George Zimmerman was charged with the murder of Trayvon Martin. This case was an example of? a. a criminal case in a state court. b. a civil case in a state court. c. a criminal case in a federal court. d. a civil case in a federal court. e. none of the above. 9. In a criminal trial, the accused may be found guilty. In a civil trial the losing party may be found or 10. Smith and Jones get into a fight in a bar. Smith punches Jones in the mouth and knocks out three of his teeth. The police are called; Smith is charged with assault. At trial, Smith is found guilty of assault. In all likelihood, his punishment will be . 10. Can Jones sue Smith in a civil court for the cost of replacing his teeth and dental pain and suffering? Why? Why not? Explain? Part 2 Please answer the questions based on the article Should John Hinckley Go Free? 1.What is a pariah? 2.What was the jury verdict? 3.Who did Hinckley shoot? 4.What is Hinckley asking the court to do? 5.In what court is the case being heard? 6.What is the M Naghten test? 7.Who is Ted Bundy? 8.What was Hinckleys original diagnosis? 9.What are Hinckleys hobbies? 10.What was the diagnosis by Hinckleys original psychiatrist? 11.Who is scheduled to testify at the hearing? 12.What is the governments position? 13.What is the position of the St. Elizabeth doctors? 14.Why has Hinckley decided not to testify? 15.Hinckleys doctors state that his mental problems are now in full remission. What does this mean? 16.Name the three relationships that are important to Hinckley? 17.Who killed John Lennon? 18.How long has Hinckley been institutionalized? 19.What types of treatment is Hinckley receiving? 20.What do you think was the outcome of the hearing? Why? Part 3 Read the article below and write down five solid important Questions and their answers based on the article How One Lawyers Crusade Could Change Football Forever? PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET A GOOD DISCOUNT

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