Leadership and Management in Early Childhood Education; Professinal Development Plan custom essay

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Links to Teacher Performance Standards (QCT)
9K.7 Roles and responsibilities of school-based and other professional teams
10K.1 The changing role of the teacher in contemporary society
10K.2 School and employing authority policies on accountability
10K.5 A range of contemporary research on teacher professionalism
10P.4 Identify and access learning communities and professional networks
10K.8 Learning communities, professional networks and organisations with the capacity to support learning and development activities
10K.9 Strategies for reflective practice and lifelong learning

The focus of this assessment task is the development of a well-researched, coherent, professional development plan for early childhood professionals and services. Your plan should take into account the demographic, needs and interests of the group you are planning for/with. Consultation with other professionals and peers is central to this task.

Students will work in pairs (external people may choose to work individually) to apply leadership and management strategies to a selected task that relates to the lecture and tutorial topics and unit outcomes. Pairs may choose their own interest area to develop a professional development plan. Areas of interest can stem from identified areas of need from site visits in Assessment Task 1, prior professional experiences or current work situations. Processes used to complete the task include planning and management, shared responsibility, active listening and communication, conflict resolution and ethical leadership.

Note: The professional development plan is hypothetical and will NOT be implemented as part of the assessment task, although it should be developed to a standard suitable for implementation in an ECEC setting. The professional development plan should be developed on the identified needs and interests of a particular group of ECEC professionals currently working in educational contexts.

Organising your Professional Development Plan

Rationale (approx. 1000 words)

Write a rationale that outlines the relevance of your professional development plan to a particular group of EC professionals, and the field of ECEC more broadly.

? The identified needs and interests of the group of ECEC professionals the program is written for
? The relevance of the PD topic to professionals in the ECEC field
? Relevant theories and literature pertaining to the chosen topic
? Relevant theories and literature pertaining to your approach to professional development
? Logistical considerations relevant to ECEC contexts and the nature of the work undertaken by EC professionals

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