Leadership development plan.

Leader as an agent of change in the world. Write a leadership development plan which shows a commitment to sustain and develop a leadership capacity now and for the future. For example: My vision is to be known as a leader who inspires all walks of life to maximize their potential and attain their goals. Please incorporate this personal statement into the plan. Next: Briefly describe a community issue that you want to change. Critically discussing specific leadership qualities and skills needed to address or resolve the issue. Please use the issue of gentrification in San Francisco which can be found using Google. Next: Outline a strategy to deal with the issue and comment of the following: What impact do you want to achieve?(What will people experience & be able to express when your project is successful?) How will you transform breakdowns into breakthroughs, create team work and collaboration, new possibilities? What specific actions/strategies will lead to best results & the impact you want? What specific skills and materials do you need for the success of this project? How will you track results? (Survey) How will you know when you have succeeded?

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