Leadership, Religion, and Theology.

Main topic is Leadership, Religion, and Theology.The topic should be about Hispanic male pastor in the Midwest in the Church of God (Anderson, IN). Most of the literature review should be from 2011 to 2016 that is a requirement. The leadership theories explored will not necessarily be within the above mentioned date range, but the support of the theories must be between 2011- 2016 for the literature review and the rest of the dissertation. APA 6th edition double spaced with 100 or more citations. Also, the writing should be in 3rd person (no I, me, my, mine, etc.). Please stay away from personal opinions. The title of the dissertation can be changed to fit the subject matter more appropriately and not be a direct copy of the other dissertation title. THE LIVED EXPERIENCE OF LEADERSHIP FOR HISPANIC MALE PASTORS IN RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS

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