Leadership & Responsibility Custom Essay

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Task Study a leader of your choice. Your leader may be either a real-life present day or historical person or a leader-character featured in literature or film. You must provide appropriate referencing including citing the novel or film if you choose a fictional character. Write a 750 word (2 page) essay on the nature of this person and the nature of their influence: What makes / made this person a successful leader? Your Essay The group provides a single essay. It must be: 1-in an organised format, with brief introduction and conclusion 2-concise no more than two pages long. 3-well structured and well written and convincing. 4-free of grammatical and typographical errors. 5-well referenced. Peter you can select one of these three: 1-George Washington 2-Ronald Reagan 3-John F. Kennedy select anyone of them which you think that u can write interesting information about him and we can learn from him.

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