Legalization of Medical Marijuana custom essay

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Prepare a PowerPoint presentation on the legalization of Marijuana and Medical Marijuana. Students are expected to (1) research their assigned policy, and (2) prepare a PowerPoint presentation that would serve as the basis for a minimum 10 minute presentation on their research.

Content: focus of the presentation must minimally include the (1) history and development of the policy, (2) goals of the policy, (3) current implementation of the policy, (4) positives/negatives of the policy (differing views and sides), speak on pros and cons of different countries that have legalized marijuana and the pros and cons it had on that country and (5) any contemporary research findings and/or data on the effectiveness or use of the policy and/or the extent of the problem that it is addressing.

What to do/not to do for your presentation:
1) DO NOT simply cut and paste a whole bunch of text; make your presentation simple with concise bullet points.
2)DO NOT include random or kiddie-like animations or transitions in your slides. Make it professional and to the point. Pictures, graphics, etc. are fine, but make sure they are used with discretion and are tied in directly with your talking points.
3)DO NOT fill up your slide with too much text and be sure that the text you do use is in a font that is big enough to view.
4)DO make sure that you touch on all content aspects specified in the assignment.
5)DO include your list of sources on the last slide of your presentation. You should use a minimum of 3 sources and these sources should be either scholarly journal articles or government research articles/policy papers, or books. Sources that do not conform to this standard will be marked down.
6)DO spend some time on your presentation; make it look interesting and inviting for people to view.

Assessment Activity Criteria for Acceptability
Criminal Justice Policy Profile Presentation o Identification of selected criminal justice policy issue
o Discussion and presentation of focus areas:
o History and development
o Goals
o Current implementation of the policy
o Positives/negatives of the policy
o Contemporary research findings and/or data
o PowerPoint slides of presentation

o Grading: Identification (5%), Discussion and presentation of focus areas (70%), PowerPoint slides and of presentation (25%)
o Grading will be conducted by the instructor.

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