Lesson Plan Essay

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Competency 602.2.1: Grouping – The graduate understands, selects, and implements appropriate grouping strategies for instruction.

Objective 602.2.1-13: Provide students with instructions, role expectations, and feedback about working in groups to complete tasks.

Objective 602.2.1-15: Explain how to adjust the size of groups based on student skill level.

Objective 602.2.1-16: Explain how to regroup students when learning levels change.
Small group instruction is often used to help students learn from and with one another.
GROUP SIZE 8 students:
Using the attached lesson plan format, develop an original 20–30 minute lesson plan that you will teach. Submit this lesson plan as an attachment to this task.

1. Under the instructional plan section of the lesson plan, provide specific information regarding instructions and role expectations. Understands that you will be providing students with specific instructions about role expectations that students need to comply with for this short lesson only.

Next write responses to the prompts (1–2 paragraphs per prompt) using the following questions:
1. Observation and Description
For this lesson describe the overall teaching situation, including group characteristics, seating arrangement, and any additional criteria necessary to present the learning environment.
Save Draft2. Analysis, Exploration, and Reasoning
Explain the reasons behind the rules you established for student behavior and participation during your lesson presentation.
3. Connections to Other Effective Teaching Practices
Explain the connection between group size and student learning levels.
4. Evaluation
Evaluate the effectiveness of your instruction regarding small group role expectations.
Explain the thinking process you went through to complete this evaluation.
5. Recommendations
Describe an alternative approach you could have used to improve the level of student participation in the small group.
Justify your choices of recommendations.
6. Personal Meaning and Professional Growth
Explain how you might regroup students for future small group instruction based on changes in student learning levels.
Explain what you considered as you formulated ideas regarding personal and/or professional implications.

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