Libyan EFL Learners’ Errors in the Use of the Indefinite Article

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Libyan EFL Learners’ Errors in the Use of the Indefinite Article
Word count: 800 all of it focus on learning part not teaching
You will work individually . Each student will submit a research proposal detailing a small study in second language acquisition. You need to develop a research question/interest that reflects any of the course topics and employs a methodology based on scholarly literature that will help to answer the research question. Which literature you focus on is up to you, though it must relate to SLA research literature. You should consult with your tutor when choosing your topic, and as your work progresses. Your tutor must approve all topics by week 10. This is just a proposal; no data needs to be collected
Assessment criteria:
• Description of learning context: clear and adequate 10%

• Reflection and discussion of the learning experience: literature-based, thoughtful, substantial 10%
• Use of SLA literature: appropriate, relevant, showing understanding 10%
• Presentation: idea development, coherence, focus, academic writing style and convention 10%

More details about the criteria:

a research project an SLA question we would like to answer : Libyan EFL Learners’ Errors in the Use of the Indefinite Article. So that would be your research question.

You would then go and look at some articles and journals about this sort of thing. Has there been research about this before? How was it done? What did they find? This is what you discuss in the literature review. Based on this, you then decide on a research methodology (how you would answer your research question). This might be a longitudinal study of groups of LIBYAN Arab kids learning English, to see if their English acquisition facing problems. If it is, then what might be the reasons for this?. So you might test their English every 6 months for 3 years, or look at their exam results …….and relate this to their……, or for what purposes they use their English This would be a quantitative study.

In the conclusions section, you will write about what you expect to find out from your study.

References should be relevant of the topic include year, page number in each resource.

Steps of doing the proposal:

– should include clear statements about the problem that you are trying to solve, project aims and objectives.

2,Literature review
– should explain where your research is situated in the broader SLA literature.

3,Research question/interest

– should state the research site, the research participants, the data collection
and analysis methods.
– could contain your ideas of expected outcomes, who might benefit from this research, critical consideration of the scope of the research (i.e. limitations, implications, delimitations, and/or future research) etc.


Do not forget to use APA style.
In your written work, your references should consist of at least eight different references (textbooks do not count but can be listed; lecture notes should not be used). Eight references would be considered „satisfactory‟ – in order to gain a higher grade you should consult a wider range of sources. Only reference sources in the reference list that you have actually referred to in the text of your work.
Follow the author-date referencing system (APA style)

More details of the criteria;

The main part I would like you look at is the Literature review – you should not say that you think So-and-etc. you most let the readers know what they are. So write what the other literature says which is relevant to your own study.
Please make sure you stick with the work limit (800 words). Also check the APA format. So you won’t loose marks.

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