limit of freedom of religion in Egypt Academic Essay

Paper detailsthe goal of writing is how limit of freedom of religion in Egypt is a contemporary issue!! do not forget that I need the paper is focusing on contemporary issue and how it connects to the paper will be about limit freedom of religion in Egypt !the three main ideas will be :1Intolerance by some parties like Copts, Muslim brotherhood, Christmas ! and you can add some parties else.2religious event ! events from the past to the present made the freedom of religion is limited.3religious leaders ! how they help to limit the freedom of religion in Egypthere some sources :use at least 4 of them, and add some sources elseI need 8 sources :2 book , 2 journal, 2 newspapers , 2 encyclopediaon of these sources must be written before 1950 .I will attach the sources and some promotes to know what I want clearly !I need thesis statement that shows what I am going to talkit shows the 3 main ideas and the topicthe introduction is about 250 300words !I want the paper strong . please do your bestPreferred language style US English PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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