Linguistics Essay; Analyzing a conversation with Critical Discourse Analysis custom essay

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(1) How would Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) approach such a text? Give specific examples of the features of the text a CDA approach would focus on, and the kinds of analysis it would undertake.

(2) Evaluate CDA as a methodology for analyzing such a text, referring to features of the text you have chosen.

(3) Compare the conversation in both Conversation analysis and CDA

1. Abbott ? long silence when confronted by journalist over his ?shit happens? remark

2. Q&A ? discussion on anti-Americanism (pick a section that is about 2:00 long / 300 words)

3. Julia Gillard ? respect for the Prime Minister
Listen to podcast for May 13 ? download audio
(At 5.35 into the program, the issue of lack of respect for the Prime Minister is raised. A clip from an exchange on a radio interview program with Julia Gillard is played, and then discussed. Consider the clip involving the Prime Minister; you may also use any of the material in the discussion that follows to give greater context to the issue.)

4. Jason Ackermanis interview (copy and paste link in browser)
(We started looking at this in the first tute on CDA but did not get very far in the analysis.)

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