Literature Review Essay: Effectiveness of physical education health programs at schools Essay

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Literature review assignment Please write a 6 page literature review on EFFECTIVENESS OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION HEALTH PROGRAMS AT SCHOOLS. Keep in mind that you will be drawing on this review for research design, which I will also order it with you in a few weeks. The literature review must contain at least five scholarly sources ( be sure to include journal articles rather than just books). Please discuss the key findings of each article and identify common themes ( or differences)among the articles. Be sure to provide the proper citation for each article on a Works Cited page. You need to set out the problem and the literature, showing what’s known, and where the gaps are that your research will fill. Focus on your contribution, placing it within the larger literature succinctly. “A useful literature review is a purposeful story that explains how the studies build on each other, what the questions are, how the answers contribute to the main quest of (your) paper, and what limitations and gaps (your) new study will avoid and fill, respectively. What does the previous literature mean? What are the unanswered questions, why do we need further research, why should we care, why is your paper important?” But I gave that title. The person writing it it should be able to give a better title if possible Thank you.

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