Literature Review; For this Literature Review I really need you guys to be on point in following the directions. custom essay

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Here is what my professor has written towards what this Literature Review should include.

Your lit review should be 2-4 pages single-spaced and moves from your research report where you reporting on your research to synthesizing your research and beginning to make connections between your different sources.

A lit review focuses on reviewing the research by looking for critical points of knowledge and understanding on your particular topic. It does not report on new findings rather it attempts to bring together your body of research into a cohesive piece that presents an understanding and awareness of the sources. Your ultimate goal is to bring your audience up to speed with the research you are conducting and suggests possible reasons for future research in this area.

A well-structured lit review is characterized by a logical flow of ideas; it refers to the sources in a consistent and appropriate style by using proper terminology; and it presents the research in an unbiased and comprehensive way. In short, you are presenting your research in a way that draws on connections between sources through in-depth analysis of the different sources. You are reading across sources—each source may connect to more than one other source.

By the time your lit review is finished, all your research should be finished so that you are working with all of your sources.

Your audience is now your intended audience, which means your language and tone should be representative of that—this is not a casual and un-informed assignment. It’s formal and should be treated as such.

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