Long-Term Effects of Traffic-Related Air European History

Long-Term Effects of Traffic-Related Air Pollution on Mortality in a Dutch Cohort (NLCS-AIR Study) Rob Beelen,1 Gerard Hoek,1 Piet A. van den Brandt,2 R. Alexandra Goldbohm,3 Paul Fischer,4 Leo J. Schouten,2 Michael Jerrett,5 Edward Hughes,6 Ben Armstrong,7 and Bert Brunekreef1,8 Article Citation in APA format: Research Question: Health Outcome of Interest: Exposure(s) of Interest: The exposure of interest is air pollution Type of Study (please indicate whether this is a prospective (concurrent) or retrospective (non-concurrent) or ambidirectional study: Description/Ascertainment of Cohort: Data Collection at Baseline: Cases are derived from the entire cohort, whereas the person- years at risk are estimated from a random subcohort (n = ~5,000) (dietary habits and other risk factors for cancer. For all participants, data from one machine-readable page of the questionnaire were entered at baseline (with information about age, sex, and smoking status). Type, Frequency and Duration of Follow-Up (indicate something about loss to follow-up and any efforts that were made to minimize loss to follow-up and include information on the characteristics of those who were lost to follow-up and comment on why this is important): Type of Data Analysis (include measure of association used): Results/Main Findings of Study: Assessment of Bias (selection and information): Assessment of Confounders: Comments:

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