Mainstream Criminology Custom Essay

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Book:Gendered (In)Justice, Theory and Practice in Feminist Criminology Author: Pamela J. Schram Barbara Koons-Witt Essay needs to be following: Flavin, in Chapter 3 (Feminism for the Mainstream Criminologist: An Invitation), invites fellow criminologists to recognize sexism and its impact on the criminal justice system. She challenges criminology scholars to reject androcentric thinking and to be thoughtful and relevant in their assumptions, research approaches, and policy recommendations. She invites thoughtful acknowledgement of the limitations of mainstream criminology and asks that we develop a greater appreciation for the complexities and diversities of people’s lives (86). Develop an essay in which you explain and explore the importance of her invitation and her challenges to our understanding of criminology and gender and the impact of discrimination throughout the justice system. Please use additional scholarly references that you have located through online research in developing this work. The assignment should be approximately 3-5 pages in length, properly referenced using APA citation format, and proof read/spell checked for errors in spelling, typing, grammar, writing mechanics and word usage. Other instructions: Must have works cited and be APA format.

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