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BSBMGT401A Show leadership in the workplace
Assignment 1 – Weight 25%
(This case study is available on page 66 of the prescribed Scope Learners guideBSBMGT401A)
Make informed decisions
In this assignment you asked to reflect on your experience in leading a work
team in the decision-making process. Your assignment should address each
of the following aspects of your experience:
1. Describe the problem or issue that the team was facing.
2. Discuss the various information sources that you used in researching
the problem or issue. How did you gauge their accuracy and validity?
3. How was the team involved in the decision-making process?
4. Describe any specific strategies or methods that you employed to
ensure that all team members actively participated in the decisionmaking
5. What factors did the team consider in making the decision?
6. What risks were associated with the options that the team developed?
Was it possible to minimise the risks?
7. Describe the solution that the team came up with.
8. List the steps that you and the team followed to arrive at this decision.
9. Describe the methods that you used to communicate with relevant
people about the outcomes of the decision-making process.
10. How did you gain commitment to implement the plan?
11. What was the final outcome of the implementation of the decision?

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