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This week in grammar we are looking at the building blocks of English sentences. The reading by Meyer covers this is gooddepth and is a great resource to help you with your cheat sheet along with the lectures. You can also see all of the answersfrom the diagnostic now so go and have a look at what you got wrong.Readings:Parsons, P. (2008). Chapter 1: Before we begin: New profession ? or one of the oldest? Ethics in public relations : A guideto best practice (2nd ed.) (pp. 312).London, UK: Kogan Page. Retrieved from ProQuest ebrary.Levinson, N. (2000). Chapter 5: The Right Word: Appropriate Language.How to sharpen your business writing skills (2nded.) (pp. 96112).New York, NY: AMACOM Books. Retrieved from ProQuest ebrary.Meyer, H. (2002). Chapter 1: Understandable Sentences. Skill and art of business writing : An everyday guide andreference (pp. 125).Westport, CT: Quorum Books. Retrieved from ProQuest ebrary.This weeks written task is to write a 400500word description of a target audience of your choice: Millennials, Generation Xor Baby Boomers. You need an introduction, three paragraphs and a conclusion that relates to writing for this audience.There is one more catch. The first paragraph needs to be entirely simply sentences. The second will be compoundsentences and the third will be complex sentences. PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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