Management Peer Responses-Corporate Social Behaviour.

Final Week Select Topic Management Peer Responses Corporate Social Behavior: Peer 1(Millicent): According to, corporate social responsibility means a business practices involving initiatives that benefit society. It includes company policies and community-development. In addition, a company can offer proceeds to charities or implementing “greener” business operations. Corporate social responsibility play a role in how people treat each other at work, how managers interact with an employee, or an employee interacting with a customer. Furthermore, managers who learn to respect cultural diversity in their work environment can increase their quality of life in their communities and their employees will likely follow their foot steps. In return, they will receive personal respect at work and wages that allow space for savings, investment, and supporting family. Understanding social responsibility is key to developing a positive company reputation and enhancing the quality of life in the community. Based on research, the main disadvantage of CSR is that its costs fall disproportionally on small businesses. Moreover, consumers like companies that have a reputation of being a good corporate citizen. In addition, CSR policy improves a company profitability and value. Energy efficiencies and waste recycling cuts operational costs and benefits the environment. When a corporation creates a CSR policy, it demonstrates a goal of ethical values, respecting people, help communities, and the environment. Peer 2(Crystal): Corporate social behavior is a corporations practices and initiatives to take responsibility of the impact they have, environmentally and socially. When working for a company it is important to know what behaviors are acceptable and unacceptable during any decision-making process or interactions. In regards to the environment, most companies take part in the initiatives of ensuring that their operations do not harm the environment around them. In a social perspective it can be the behaviors displayed during interactions of manager to employee, employee to customer, employee to employee, or individual employee behavior inside or outside of the company that can affect the companys reputation. Being the military you are expected to act in a respectable manner no matter what especially when you are in a different country. Depending on the area, we are allowed to leave the compound or ship with the liberty to have some fun for a few hours or couple days. However, there is always a select few that would go out there and may have a little too much to drink and end up getting in trouble such as an altercation or just acting foolish. Their bad behavior weighs highly negative on the command and the military overall categorizing the military as being disrespectful or not responsible to other countries. As a result the commander would revoke those privileges for a while to ensure no similar situations would happen again. Peer 3 (Rebecca): Usually the board of director know exactly what to do when their CEO is accused of illegal activity. They usually conduct an independent investigation, and if the allegations are verified, they take corrective action and in most cases those CEO’s are terminated. However, when a CEO’s misbehavior is picked up by the media it requires a lot of attention and reviews. After a review was completed of news media between 2000 and 2015 there were nearly 38 incidents where a CEO’s behavior garnered a meaningful level of media coverage. Some of the incidents were 34% CEO lying regarding drunk driving, criminal record, or falsification of credentials, 21% involved in sexual affair, 16% making use of corporate funds that are illegal, 16% personal behavior or abusive language, 13% public statements offensive to customers. The CEO is often the face of the corporation. When they engage in misconduct, the board has an obligation to investigate the matter and take proactive steps to ensure that it is properly dealt with. The three takeaways I took from this article is the shocking amount of CEOs that actually go under investigation and how it hard it impacts the company as a whole. I fully understand now that CEOs are the face of the company and they are literally under a microscope! Employees thought that they were under watch with what they say or do but the CEO is that but ten times more because they are in the public eye more often. It is crucial to ensure that no matter what position you are in with the company you are careful what you say or do as it can tarnish the companies appearance. If I was a manager then I would ensure that my employees understood what is considered corporate etiquette and how they should act at work and how their actions outside of work will impact the company as well. Ensure they given a training and pass an assesment to ensure the understanding of the companies policies. Peer 4 (Stephanie): Facebook Offers Details on How It Handles Research In an article published June 14th in the Wall Street Journal, the details of Facebooks research handling displays the companys corporate social behavior. As the largest social network in the world,Facebook is responsible for the personal data of nearly 2 billion (with a b) users. That is a monumental responsibility. If an unethical or irresponsible person was able to access and distribute this information, the results and effects could be catastrophic. It is important that Facebook maintain a strong corporate social responsibility policy and demonstrate that at all times, without exception. If the companys credibility were to falter, they risk losing an empire. To assess the ethical impact of each research effort, [Facebook] has established a five-person standing group of Facebook employees, including experts in law and ethics If a manager determines that a research project deals with sensitive topics such as mental health, the study gets a detailed review by the group to weigh risks and benefits, as well as to consider whether it is in line with consumers expectations of how their information is stored. I believe that because the company is making efforts and publishing those efforts, that they are making a conscious effort to be socially responsible. As a private company, the governments laws regarding federal human behavior testing do not apply. Because Facebook is implementing its own internal regulations is a step in the right direction for ensuring they stay on an ethical and socially responsible path. My three takeaways are that firstly, there is a lot more going on behind the scenes of Facebook that I had ever really considered. Secondly, having a transparent policy is a great step towards corporate social responsibility. And thirdly, as a manager or supervisor, I would encourage others to take caution with what information they choose to share online. Company Policy on Customer Service: Peer 1 (Michael): A company’s policy on customer service and customer relations is crucial to how it affects their business. The policy sets the beginning foundation for the environment of the entire customer relations and customer service culture. “Customer service can make or break your business. If people find your employees are rude or dont know what theyre talking about theyll go elsewhere to make their purchases. You dont want that, so its important to train them on good customer service and then monitor it so they continue to do a job with it. When customer service is high customer satisfaction will be even higher and thats perfect for business.” Knowing how impactful customer service is to the success or failure of a business, means that a company must invest time and energy into a quality policy. An example of good customer service that changed my view of a company was with Wells Fargo. The policy that they have hanging on the wall behind the teller line for customers to see is about courtesy being their policy. I had a miscommunication with a representative on the 800 number of Wells fargo. When I brought it into the bank, the manager went out of her way to understand where I was coming from, listened to the situation, and took the time to fix the problem. She even called the next day to clarify everything. This changed my impression of Wells Fargo after a bad phone experience. Peer 2 (Juanita): A company reputation is only as good as the customer service it provides. Please a customer, and your client base will swell with relatives and neighbors who catch wind of your top-notch representatives. But upset one, and brace yourself for disaster.The experience that individuals have with a company and then what they hear from friends and family influence their perception of and likelihood to do business with a company.Though a economy may tempt executives to cut corners, improving service is your best chance for survival. Companies of any size should understand what the customer experience is. From stresses that companies should streamline their resources without sacrificing the essentials. Understand what’s important to customers. Speed and availability of service are universal truths. The most critical person to hire in the customer service is the manager, since employee turnover is directly driven by manager turnover. You want someone who’ll stick around, because otherwise, it will be almost impossible to keep up with the hiring challenge.But everyone should care about the product at hand. Pay attention to service calls, since one complaint may be indicative of a larger issue. Does the company’s internal infrastructure make it easy for employees to misenter a code that later results in a billing problem? Sometimes, your company simply isn’t a good fit for the customer. But the more difficult you make it to leave, the more ill will you’ll generate. Cable companies like Comcast, for example, insist that customers personally deliver their cable boxes before closing an account, and often require them to wait for hours at service centers in order to do so. It may look smart to try to make captive of a customer but if they have good reason to leave or they don’t like you, all you’ve achieved is planting a time bomb that’ll get you sooner. Please note that these are to be completed as SEPARATE entities.

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