Managing Customer Relationships

Describe in detail how you perceived your customer experience with eachorganisation, such as if they were above your expectations, below yourexpectations, or if they were merely adequate. Describe your level of satisfaction with the experiences and whether this impacted on your attitudes and/or beliefs about the organisation such as trust, commitment and loyalty. Did the experiences influence your subsequent behaviours or relationship with the organisation? Determine if each organisation used some form of a customer relationship management strategy; if a CRM strategy was used, describe it and state if youbelieve it to be successful or not; conversely, if a CRM strategy was not used,state if you believe the organisation could employ one and if so, what theycould do. How does the CRM strategy compare to other organisations with which you had experiences (or if you have chosen one organisation and had different customer experiences how was the consistency of experience from a CRM viewpoint)? If you believe that some or all of the organisations could improve the customerexperience that you encountered, provide a brief overview as to what theycould do to improve. Make sure that your overview is based on the customer experiences and sound CRM principles.1. Written Description of the Experience:(continue overleaf for any of these questions, if there is not enough space here)2. How did you react during the experience?Reactions may include actions, changes to your emotions or demeanour etc.3. What do you think caused the experience to be as it was?(causes are those things that were in place before the experience happened or during the experience for both you and the provider)4. What outcomes were there:(outcomes are things that happened, or that you concluded, after the experience finished)CLICK HERE TO GET MORE ON THIS PAPER

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