Managing in Global Market : The case study of Hard Rock Cafe custom essay

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First of all, I recommend you to study contents of the report from previous student report so that you can understand how to do the report in the right way and avoid the complicated things.(I will send to that file to you).This individual is about strategic 5 year-plan for Hard Rock Cafe. This report aim to advise Hard Rock cafe’s management about entering new international markets by proposing a 5 year international strategies 2013-2018. The company has 3 core of business such as restautants,hotels and casinos.So you do the plans for these business types in the selected countries. Moreover, this report looks like a kind of consultant report as to consult the CEO of the company so you should not give too many details about general/basic information of the company because it seems like we will send the report to the CEO of the company to read so they must be interested in outcomes of analysis only. This report limits 5000 words count includes tables, Chart but excludes appendices and bibliography. So, you must ensure you have sufficient plan for that time for making profit to the company like which types of business to operate in what countries and which cities.
There are 2 question to do in this report :

Question 1:{max 2000 words}
Carry out a strategic analysis of potential international markets for Hard Rock Cafe that should include:
1.1) Analysis and evaluation of relevant internal and external factors
– use appropiate tools correctly is appreciated and carry out the outcome of analysis, what do you find?
– No need to describe all details but pull out the improtant information affected the hard rock cafe
-Internal analysis I want you to use models like SWOT,RESOURCE BASE and THE VRIO( just choose only 2 models and i will send you a lecture slides) in 3 business types
– External analysis I want you to use PESTEL or FIVE Forces analysis of 3 business types. you can find these in datamonitor. you can carry out the important factors that really affect to the company in each type of business and explain what risk factors were taken into consideration.(no need to present all factors)
1.2)Selection of appropriate country markets for Hard Rock Cafe
– In this part, you should study the strutures,content from last term student report so that you can know how to do. It is about screening/excluding the useless countries in terms of entering business and finding the very best countries to operate. you must jusify how you ended up with the selected markets, what criteria do you use to find the right countries you need to explain and give the justification.(if you don’t understand you can look at the last term student report as guide line) Actually,I did this part and find the selected countries to operate each business and I will show you later in the file that I will send)
Question 2 {max 3000 words}
2.1) Entry mode and exit mode strategies for selected country markets : :carry out the justification of the process of how you select the entry mode in each country markets in each business type
:5 year plan for opening outlets, Once you have entry mode and exit mode strategies, you must carry out how many outlets in each business will open in which cities in the selected countries.I will send a lecture slide for you to know how to do and you can study from last term student report as well
2.2)Funtional strategies
In this part, you formulate the strategies of product/service, pricing,place,process,promotion,people in each business type in the selected country markets. the important things is how do you need to adjust to local environment in selected countries, is there anything to change/adjust/enhance about these strategies such as adjust the menu to fit the particular country something like that.
2.3 An organisational structure for the implementation of the above strategies.
– Present an organisational structure for hard rock cafe’s new international operations
-explain fit between strategy and structure.
-I will send the information about question 2.3 to you and if you don’t understand, please look at the last term student report for example
2.4. Strategic control system for managing the implementation of the above strategies:
-I will send you the lecture slide of strategic control system and you can study from the last term student so that you can formulate the strategic control for each business type

All in all, these are 2 main question that are vital part of this report but they should include other parts like Introduction,conclusion,bibliography,appendices.

After all, I understand that this report is very loads of details to put in the report but you can study from the last term student to understand how to do first. And I will send other information for you about the company later.

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