Managing the Environment of Organizations Essay

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A native speaking American with exceptional case study and analysis skills is required.

This is a case study which is about the real scenario of 2 Australian beer companies amalgamating and covers some of their business decisions which they have made.

What is required from the writer is to critically analyze every detail which is brought up in the case study, with the management theory in my textbook.

For example: The writer must be able to explain why the 2 companies amalgamated (what were the benefits etc), the theory behind why they made the decisions that they made and an analysis of if their management was effective. The writer must be able to articulate what they did wrong and what they did right (it must be all backed up by the theory in the textbook). The writer must elaborate the scenarios in the case study from news articles etc… In the conclusion, explain how all these situations have lead to where the company is today.

In the textbook, primarily focus on utilizing Chapters 6 and 7. Chapter five is also useful but not as dominant as 6 and 7. Its recommended that the theory should contain some of the figures in those chapters. But feel free to look over the textbook for other theories you think may be applicable.

8 sources are required. This is because the first (and main) source is the textbook, 5 sources need to be news articles about relevant information about the company or other studies which have been conducted on the situations raised in the case study. This leaves the last 2 sources which are explained in the next paragraph.

The last page must be reserved for management theories which are not covered in the textbook. Essentially, what is required is a different angle of management theories pertaining to the case study. This is what the last 2 sources are needed for. These 2 sources need to be from academic journals. Again, these alternative theories must only be contained in the last page. The rest of the case study must strictly use the textbook I provide.

The analysis of this case study should be treated as a report.

Please double space and use Havard Referencing.

When I refer to ‘textbook’ I am referring to: Management: Core Concepts and Application, 2nd Australasian edition. This textbook of mine is available to you online. I will supply the link below, but I will the send a note to the writer with my login details.

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