Mandatory Military Service Essay

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I need a persuasive paper about DRAFT (mandatory military service)
I choose this topic and it must be 8 pages for the body and a table of content and an executive summery, below you will find the requirement and note that it will be checked on (turn it in) web by the professor .

MGMT Final Project Requirements Fall 2011


(1) Include the following information:
– Statement of the problem
o Why is it a problem?
o What type of problem is it? (legal, political, financial, social, etc.)
o Who is affected and how?
o What will happen if the problem remains unsolved?
– Proposed solution
o What is the solution?
o What are the alternative solutions, if any?
o How does the proposed solution address the problem specifically?
o How costly is it? (manpower, time, money, systemic change, etc.)
o What challenges do you anticipate? (resistance, difficulties in implementation, lack of support, conflict of interests, etc)
– Benefits of the solution
o What are the direct benefits?
o What are the indirect benefits?
o What if your solution is not implemented (the power of loss)?
– Call for action (optional)

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