Marketing Communication Plan Custom Essay

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Marketing communication plan for the A company of your choice.

According to the previous essay (consumer insight of The company of your choice), this essay is relate to the research that I have done before about the consumer insight of this brand but this time it focus on the marketing communication plan which can be applied to The company of choice.
Could you write about….

1. The result of the research that you wrote before in the previous essay briefly

2. Marketing Communication Plan for The company of choice

For my research shown that the customers’ perception toward Ella’s
People don’t believe that
We need the customer believe about that.

-which marketing communication tools that can be applied to this case, which channel of advertisement that will use to create brand awareness and brand loyalty

– some marketing communication theories that relate to this case
– SWOT theory
– Marketing Communication strategy
– SMART model

(Please follow the tools that I use on the powerpoint (marketing communication plan) which I attached together.)

3. References should be at least 15 journals

4. Please note that everything is based on the research of The company of choice

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