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this is Group marketing report:

You are the Marketing Team of Subaru Australia, the Australian subsidiary of a large international automobile manufacturer.
You have decided to launch a new product into the Australian marketplace. The new product can be a modification of an existing product, or a product extension under an existing brand.
You will write a marketing plan for the launch of the new product. Your analysis must detail relevant trends and show who the target consumer is and why that consumer will be interested in the new product.
A detailed suggested outline for the marketing plan is available on the subject eLearning site. The key sections to be included are:
Executive summary; Table of Contents, Introduction, Situation Analysis Justification for Launching the Product, 3-Year Sales Forecast; Marketing Mix Strategy; Conclusion, References and Appendix.
Appropriate facts and figures on market size, market share and market growth must be included, as well as appropriate macro-environmental data (such as ABS data), and relevant secondary data on consumer preferences and market trends. Failure to include substantiating facts and figures on the market is likely to result in a Fail grade.
my request is ://////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
my part of this report is (Three year Sales Forecast ) so i want to write about my part only ans must be use resource to find 3 years sales of the Subaru company and compere sales unit and sales prices and profit between three years
for example: how much expect to get price for three years and sales unit and profit .
so please don’t write the whole report but just write my part only (three years Sales Forecast )

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