Marketing Dissertation Proposal Essay

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Dear writer
the propsal should be based on three documents in addition to the (28) refernces that you will include
1) I would like you to use the previous proposal which I will upload for you for the previous reason I wrote above.
2) the tutor ammendments on the previous proposal ( which I will upload) that you should follow in writing the new proposal.
3) the file that the company send me, which is the marketing research of the company which is the same company the propsal is about,
important notice
1)the previous proposal was wrote from an internatinol business writer perspective, this one have to be from a marketing perspective.
2) I am not asking you to repeat the same propsal because firstly it includes much wider zone than needed because it was ment for a 20,000 thousand dissertation and it was to cover entering a new market in 10 cities and it had different objectives. However this one is a proposal for a 6,000 words dissertation and its objective is different which you will find in the tutor’s file which I will upload.

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