Material Science Research Paper custom essay

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1. Your essay must describe a major advance in materials science & engineering announced by
researchers or manufacturers since the beginning of 2011. The major advance can be either
(i) a completely new material , or
(ii) a significant improvement in the processing or properties of an existing material, or
(iii) a novel use for (or adaptation of) a material made by a plant or an animal.
2. Your essay must be between 1500 and 2000 words in length, and it may in addition contain up
to 2 graphics.
3. Your essay must be your own work, and in your own words.
4. Your essay must be structured logically.
5. Your essay must have a title that includes the name of the chosen material.
6. Your essay must
(i) justify your choice of the subject of your essay as a major advance in materials science &
engineering, and
(ii) identify the properties of the material that make it suitable for the intended applications,
(iii) describe how the composition and structure of the material cause it to exhibit these
properties, and
(iv) describe how the processing strategy achieves the necessary chemical and physical
microstructures, and
(v) suggest what researchers? or manufacturers? next steps should be.
Points (iii) and (iv) in the list above might require you to make educated (i.e. well-justified)
suggestions of your own, if you cannot find appropriate published material to cite.
7. Your essay must explicitly cite all original sources from which you glean information that you
include.10 such sources should be used. No more than
one Wikipedia article may be used.
Very Important note:
If you use any sources that are not online and don not have a link in the works cited page, (for example a book) I need a scan of the actual source with the essay.

-Please note that my requirements are very important to me and this research paper must fulfill all the requirements stated above. Also note that my deadline is extremely important and after the deadline this essay would be useless to me.
I found this source to help the writer for the research process:
(The use of this source is optional to the writer)

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