MCQs on Marketing management

1. As a market researcher for a cable television company seeking to determine the number of multi-dwelling buildings in a selected neighborhood, your best chance of acquiring this information quickly would bea. census information available on the Internet.b. the local Better Business Bureau.c. interviews with neighborhood leaders.d. the local Chamber of Commerce.e. an aerial survey of surrounding neighborhoods.2. Everyday low pricing is a strategy devoted to continuous low prices asopposed toa. seasonal changes in prices based on current demand.b. purely cost-based prices that vary as the manufacturers costs vary.c. relying on short-term price-cutting tactics such as cents-off coupons,rebates, and special sales.d. prices that are set daily, weekly, or monthly in reaction to competitorsactions.e. prices based on what the firm feels the market will bear.3. Customer relationship management (CRM), isa. the defining concept that identifies communication between the partiesto a transaction.b. a process used to retain customers when purchases are based on lowprice or convenience.c. best used when the seller has infrequent customer contact.d. the combination of strategies and tools that drive relationship programs, reorienting the entire firm to a concentrated focus on satisfying customers.e. a technique used to create a company focus on individual and immediate sales.4. The most obvious distinction between not-for-profit and for-profit . commercial firms isa. more exact financial and marketing goals on the part of the not-forprofits.b. the inability of the not-for-profits to sell tangible goods.c. a different way of looking at the bottom line by the two different organization types.d. the greater amount of control the customers of the not-for-profitsexercise on their activities.e. the ability of not-for-profits to operate without the assistance ofvolunteers from the general population.5. The problems associated with the decision of whether to lunch at Popeyes,Burger King, Taco Tico, or Little Saigon (a Vietnamese restaurant) illustratea. how direct competition affects consumer behavior.b. how some products and services are competitive substitutes for eachother.c. the strange food tastes of some of us I mean, Taco Tico?d. the universal nature of competition.e. that some people just cant make up their minds.6. Todays sales representatives role in the promotion process has changedfrom that of persuader to that ofa. technician and expert on product repair.b. process designer.c. consultant and problem solver.d. close friend and confidant.e. joke-telling, backslapping fellow-well-met.7. This retailing format, averaging 300,000 square feet in size, seeks to offer acombination of shopping, entertainment, and restaurants in an attractiveenvironment preserving the intimacy of neighborhood retailing.a. Such a shopping center is known as a power center.b. A facility of this magnitude is called a national mall.c. This type of facility is known as a lifestyle center.d. Most such centers are now known as downtowns.e. This describes the earliest type of planned shopping center, the linearstrip.8. When brands are difficult to categorize or evaluate and significant effort isrequired to analyze purchase alternatives, the type of consumer problemsolving that typically results isa. research analysis.b. extensive analysis buying.c. limited problem solving.d. extended problem solving.e. evaluative problem solving.9. Which of the following statements is most true about U.S. Internet users?a. African Americans are three times more likely to be Internet users thanAmericans of Asian or Pacific Island origin.b. People in Alaska, New Hampshire, and Colorado are among the leastlikely to use the Internet.c. Low income rural dwellers account for less than three percent ofInternet users.d. Caucasian Americans typically use the Internet only at work.e. The median age of Internet users is expected to decline in the future.. 10. The idea that a large percent of a products sales revenues come from arelatively small, loyal group of its purchasers is thea. true blue syndrome.b. cohort effect.c. 80/20 principle.d. purchase aggregation basis.e. traditional believers effect.11. A product which has achieved the status of brand insistencea. moves from the unknown to the known category, increasing itsprobability of purchase.b. has the advantage of being preferred to other products, but only if it isavailable.c. must be price competitive if it is to keep its status.d. must have a distinctive identity character like the PillsburyDoughboy.e. has achieved a monopoly position with its consumers.12. When marketing partners share the cost of a promotional campaign thatmeets their mutual needs, the general term for the activity isa. mutual support.b. cross promotion.c. spending push money.d. trading promotion.e. partnership advertising.13. Television advertising that suggests that consumers take a proactive rolein family health care by requesting that their physicians prescribe specificmedications they see advertised raises issues of ethics ina. product strategy.b. price strategy.c. packaging strategy.d. distribution strategy.e. promotion strategy.14. Of the following, which is NOT generally considered to be part of anational infrastructure?a. the transportation and communication networksb. a banking industryc. consumer goods retailingd. the utilities systeme. public services15. A companys buying center encompassesa. a group of people formally assigned to participate in the buying process.b. formally designated gatekeepers, deciders, and buyers.c. everyone who is involved in any aspect of its buying action.d. a designated buying team that oversees the entire process ofprocurement.e. the purchasing task force that professionally buys hard goods andtooling.16. Showroom retailers are able to offer low prices as a result ofa. larger physical location.b. inexpensive warehouse space, reduced shoplifting losses, and long-livedproducts.c. high volume of perishable items.d. quick purchase process because of a large number of servicerepresentatives.e. offering a very small number of high volume items.17. An example of a direct-selling strategy in the consumer goods market isa. the party plan.b. agents calling on wholesalers.c. the traditional channel for consumer goods.d. vending machines.e. telemarketing by industrial distributors.18. The gap between what customers expect and what they receive whendealing with a firm isa. related to the price they paid for something, not its quality.b. always positive because the higher of the two values is counted first.c. impossible to measure because its subjective, not objective.d. one measure of their satisfaction with a firm and its products.e. one of the traditional methods of testing new products.. 19. In SWOT analysis, a vulnerability occurs whena. internal organizational weaknesses prevent taking advantage of anopportunity.b. environmental threats attack organizational weaknesses.c. organizational strengths grasp opportunities.d. environmental threats are posed to organizational strengths.e. organizational strengths prevent improving environmental weaknesses.20. In an integrated marketing communications program, which of thefollowing is NOT one of the ways in which a customer may have contactwith the organization?a. direct mailb. personal letters from competitorsc. personal sellingd. Internet messagese. media advertising21. Which of the following statements about the international aspects ofdistribution strategy is true?a. Transportation systems and warehousing facilities may be unavailableor of poor quality in a given foreign market.b. Switzerlands train system, the Volksbahn, is of especially poor quality.c. Because of different cultural approaches to business, internationalmarketers should avoid local distributors.d. Europeans have never responded to direct-by-television sales efforts.e. Distribution in a foreign country is best handled by governmentagencies rather than left to the discretion of an individual firm.22. Of the following, which of the following would most likely be the factorhaving the greatest influence on the decision to buy a homogeneousshopping product?a. the products styleb. the stores name and reputationc. the brand name of the productd. the price and perceived value of the producte. uniqueness of the product23. Demand is said to be inelastic whena. the demand curve and the supply curve do not cross.b. total cost and total revenue are equal at all levels of demand.c. the calculated elasticity of demand is less than 1.d. the calculated elasticity of demand is greater than 1.e. the calculated elasticity of demand is equal to 1.24. Profit maximization isa. a volume pricing objective.b. not a pricing objective.c. determined by the point at which the marginal revenue curve intersectsthe marginal cost curve.d. achieved by most firms in the marketplace.e. the addition to total costs balanced by the increase in total quantitysold.25. Examples of products having target markets differentiated by age grouparea. headache and cold remedies.b. nostalgic products and retro toys like Sock Monkey.c. cookies, candies, and baking goods.d. automotive motor oil and gasoline.e. tissue, paper towels, and plastic utensils..

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