Memorability Analysis speech

Use the checklist below to evaluate each of the following speeches. Memorability Analysis Checklist Organization something to gain attention clear main ideas coherent transitions Language with details concrete, vivid, colorful appropriate for the topic, audience, and event turn or twist of a popular phrase to make a new meaning use of a familiar concept or quote in a new way Delivery pace that fits the purpose usually without rushing pauses and vocal variety to be expressive of the meaning not just to have variety, but to carry the meaning of what is being spoken rhythm that adds power to the meaning of a key idea strong eye contact without staring or looking too much at notes, nor too long at any one person minimal physical movement, limited to movements that carry a purpose Prepare and submit one document containing a brief evaluation of each video. Each evaluation should have three headings titled: Organization, Language, and Delivery. Keep your review short and to the point. Speeches The Massachusetts 54th (0:49) (Lucas, 2011) Reagan: Challenger (0:50) (Lucas, 2011) Reagan: Normandy France (1:34) (Lucas, 2011) Martin Luther King, Jr. I Have a Dream Speech(5:17minutes) (YouTube) OR go directly to a transcript for the speech in the appendix of your textbook or at one of the sites below. You should be able to highlight key features electronically, or copy and highlight for your personal study and analysis on a printout. Speech Transcript: I have a Dream by Martin Luther King, Jr.(National Archives) For this last speech on your list, by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., you could find a lot of information all over the Web. Dont go there. Use ONLY the resources youve been given above and the Memorability Checklist given above. Thoughtfully report EXAMPLES that you can find in this speech to show its strength Organization (1 example), Language (3 examples), and Delivery (1 example) (so you will need to listen, too). Look for imagery, metaphor, rhythm, parallelism, and repetition, and give examples of what you find. You will only be able to make inferences about eye contact, but think about it, and report what you think

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